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Ever asked yourself why virtual learning is on the rise? Or what are the benefits of enrolling your child in an online school? While you might think virtual learning is mostly a byproduct of COVID safety, in fact, there are numerous reasons that parents choose online schools for their kids even outside of pandemic concerns.

A recent report indicates that 63% of US students use online learning tools daily. More and more, there’s proof that a classroom isn’t the only learning option, especially with newer and better technologies and internet developments. So what’s the benefit for American parents? That their kids can enjoy the best online K-12 learning whenever and wherever they are.

Read on to discover 6 reasons why many families are embracing online learning, and why most parents and kids are convinced that virtual learning is the way to go in 2022 and beyond.

Flexible Learning Schedules

Need to take a family vacation during the school year? Does your child have other obligations he/she must tend to during the day? Have other reasons why it’s difficult for your child to physically be in a school for 6, 7 or 8 hours per day? Online learning has flexible daily school schedules that suit your kid’s learning needs and your family’s lifestyle. Students have the freedom to plan for their studies, rest, and allocate time for family, personal or extracurricular activities. It also helps the entire family balance work, family and education commitments.

Most of the best charter schools embrace flexible learning, as it helps learners adapt the learning process to their needs and preferences.

Learning Continues Even With Dramatic Pauses in Society

As we’ve seen, numerous situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, can cause dramatic pauses in conventional learning. But online learning is largely immune from these in-person precautions that stop academic progress. Kids can continue their online classes despite adverse prevailing circumstances. And parents are assured their kids will access learning even when traditional classes are at a halt.

Just As Good, or Better, Than In-School Learning 

Data from Forbes reveals that over 75% of academic leaders find online learning equal to or superior to on-campus learning. It’s because students can access the best online schools and a variety of programs. Most of the courses available in online schools cannot be found in brick-and-mortar institutions. This increases student exposure to subjects they wouldn’t ordinarily see and, eventually, helps them diversify their career options with an array of available courses.

Commuting Challenges, Solved

Traffic. Weather. Work obligations. These and other things can make it difficult for a parent to get their kids to-and-from school daily. It’s even more difficult for people who drive long distances or live in areas with tough weather, such as floods, snowstorms and thunderstorms. With virtual learning, your child will access the best K-12 learning by simply strolling to their computer.

Solving In-School Victim/Safety or Bullying Issues

In today’s school environment, unfortunately, bullying is on the rise. For victims, it’s very detrimental to their academic and social performance. Online learning helps free your kid from such issues. Also, parents and students worry less about safety and victimization in school and after school.

Electives and Options, Options, Options

While many parents and students take the plunge and choose online school on a full-time basis, some students want to stay in their current school — and just take some outside classes. Classes they’re interested in. Classes that help make up credits. Classes not offered at their current school. Classes that simply sound fun! Online schools are great options for students who just want to explore academic options while staying put in their current school.

Get the Best Online Learning

Online learning has gained massive traction recently, with parents and kids embracing its effectiveness. It presents numerous benefits such as flexibility, convenience, minimizing school travel, mitigating learning costs, offering numerous learning courses and programs, and being an excellent option for career exposure.

Friendship Online Academy is one of the longest-running and best charter schools offering full-and-part-time online learning opportunities. The institution offers high-quality nontraditional learning and is an excellent choice school for students with medical challenges or disabilities, difficulties getting to school everyday, and victim or safety concerns. Best of all: there is no tuition. Visit our website today to understand more about what online school is like and to access quality virtual learning courses in the comfort of your location.

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