Virtually Perfect


We offer full-time online learning opportunities for PK 4-8 and 9-12 grades.


You Can Attend Full Time, Part Time or On Your Own Time (Tuition Free)

Charter school online

You want to stay at your current school and just take outside classes

We provide an expansive list of courses and academic options based on your interests and needs.

Charter school online FriendshipOVA

YOU Need a nontraditional school for whatever reason

We are the best online school option for students who are seeking a nontraditional school model and for those who need special education.

Charter academy

You face challenges maintaining in-person school attendance

We address systemic barriers to school attendance such as transportation and childcare.

Online charter schools DC

You Are currently under the care of the Government

We provide students in the care of the government with this option. This could allow them to remain enrolled in the public education system even when they are placed in foster care, youth detention centers, or incarcerated.

Online charter schools DC accomodates students with disabilities

You Have disabilities that make it difficult to attend school in person

We are the school of choice for students with disabilities placed in self-contained classrooms. We are the best online school for special education.

You Have severe medical needs that make in-person schooling difficult

We provide students who have severe medical needs with a permanent virtual option. This allows students with significant physical disabilities or medical conditions — where in-person learning presents family or students with increased health risk — to have another public education option.

Virtual charter schools for student with safety concerns

You are a victim or have safety concerns

We provide students who have safety concerns with a permanent virtual option. This allows families who’ve been unsuccessful with implementing a safety plan and victim transfer to have another option.

What Our Parents Say

“I enjoy the Friendship Online curriculum, what they’re teaching them. It’s different compared to their old school. I just feel like it’s better. They are exposed to different materials. Something that will be useful for them in the real world when they do become adults. And this is the foundation for them now.”
Maura Cortez
Mother of 2 Friendship Online students
“Jeraldo’s in a wheelchair and has a fair amount of medical appointments… Friendship Online became a better option for us because even with his medical appointments… those online classes are recorded so Jeraldo can come back in and actually watch the recordings. And he's able to keep up. So I've noticed a positive development in Jeraldo’s communication skills, emotional intelligence and even academically. Where he was an average student coming out of elementary school, Jeraldo’s now an above average student.”
Christina Henry
Mother of 10th grade Friendship Online student
“That’s the main reason why I took him out of public school. Because I didn’t see he was getting the proper attention that he needed. When he attended school in person, I felt like he wasn’t learning enough. But then when he went to school online, he was more focused, he was getting more attention…No matter how many kids they had, Friendship always had their attention on you. I love it…If you need any help or anything, they stop everything and help you."
Emely Rosa
Mother of 10th grade Friendship Online student
“We are a military family. And so we move a lot. Therefore, we’ve chosen to home school so we don’t have to worry about where we live and school districts and all that kind of stuff.”
Beverly Hudalla
Mother of 3 Friendship Online students
“They get more attention at Friendship Online. There’s less distractions. And I also saw the strides that they made. They get good grades. Their teachers are always there when they need them…Once I saw the strides they made in virtual schooling, that was my decision to keep them virtual.”
Shayla Miller
Mother of 2 Friendship Online students

An award-winning, fully virtual, tuition-free elementary, middle and high school.


Your child can learn through a combination of online and hands-on activities that cater to a wide range of learning styles.


Attend live, online classes that connect students with their teachers based on their individual needs.


Virtual high school with individualized education for students that awakens the power of learning and assists them in reaching their full potential.

Learn Virtually. Participate Personally.

As a Friendship Online student, you have access to all in-person extracurricular activities like robotics, sports, dancing, chess club and so much more!

Click here, here and here to see all the options, learn where they are and how to participate.

Things You Should Know About Us

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Friendship Online truly puts the world at the student’s fingertips.

When a child receives an individually tailored education, it’s remarkable what can happen. We are the best online school for
special education


Students can learn at their own pace, allowing them to build the foundations they need to meet rigorous academic standards.



Our individualized approach helps us make the most of each child’s potential.

advanced learner


We offer compelling, high-interest courses that introduce a variety of possible career paths, as well as opportunities for advanced learners.

The Support Parents and Students Need

Your child can learn in the way that is best for them, whether at home or anywhere there is an internet connection. Our teachers are dedicated to assisting your family in achieving success with online learning. They provide guidance and support as your child progresses through the curriculum.

Virtually perfect

Are you ready for your child to learn at home or wherever there’s an internet connection?

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An award-winning, fully virtual (PK4 - 12) school

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